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Charles_Hayward_LightTrailsPortrait OSCis known as the pioneering drummer and more with This Heat and Camberwell Now, as part of Monkey Puzzle trio, About Group and V for V, and is in Massacre with Bill Laswell and Fred Frith. Throughout the 90’s up to the present he has initiated a bewildering array of events and performances, including the widely acclaimed series Accidents + Emergencies at the Albany Theatre, Out of Body Orchestra (too much sound, not enough space, not enough time), music made from the sound of the new Laban dance centre being built which was choreographed for the official opening, music for a circus (part of the National Theatre’s ‘Art of Regeneration’ initiative), the full-on installation/performance Anti-Clockwise (with Ashleigh Marsh and David Aylward) for multiple strobes, maze structure of diverse textures, 2 drummers, synthesizers and your nervous system. “The appeal of ex-This Heat drummer Charles hayward’s mastery of performance does not seem to fade. Thundering away over homemade backing tracks while howling abrasive vocals, he theatrically halts the music and stares out into the crowd as if enraged” (Lisa Blanning & Andy Tait — THE WIRE)