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OSCILANZ perform a music of transportation, taking the listener though a beguiling maze of early music melodies, electronic/percussive echo caverns and waves of brass overtones. They came together in 2013 with the intention of interpreting the music of Hildegard Von Bingen, the 12th century nun, mystic, herbalist and inventor of her own language. The players set off using fragments of music by Hildegard as a basis to go far into new audio realms, bypassing all ideas of correct ways-to-perform and instead connecting with the spirit and magic of the music in a subconscious and non-verbal way.

Utilizing trombone, drums, fiddle, recorders, voices, samplers and electronics, the interplay between three such strong individual players has a deep life of its own and OSCILANZ bears the fruit that Hildegard sowed long ago.  ‘Oscilanz’ is taken from the Lingua Ignota, the language Hildegard invented. It means ‘October’.