Soundtrack to Short Film Now at the British Film Institute

“No diggin’ ’ere!” Read more about the locations and the new short film hosted at the BFI website

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The Quietus – Simultaneous Flight Movement Review


“Comparing Simultaneous Flight Movement to either of Laura Cannell’s previous albums would be inappropriate because her body of work needs to be taken as a whole broken into chapters rather than a series of missives, but it represents another step on a fascinating, rich and unique musical journey.” READ FULL REVIEW HERE

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Caught By The River: NEW ALBUM REVIEW

A review by Adelle Stripe.

“Cannell’s contemporary recordings in this new release are a distinctive reminder of past and present and, perhaps most tellingly, the album was recorded on June 23rd: EU referendum day. Its defining themes of migration and the borders between history and the now are acutely observed and perfectly rendered. In time Simultaneous Flight Movement may well prove to be one of the defining albums of 2016.”
Read the Full Review Here

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Rhythmplex Interview with Jon Mueller

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-12-11-56“For me, the music of England’s Laura Cannell came out of nowhere. I don’t remember where I first found it, or what led me to it, but somehow I did find it, and it’s held a strong presence in my life since. It’s the kind of music that takes you somewhere familiar but far away, and I listen to it as much to experience being present with it as I do to escape. It lets me do both. Her primary instruments are fiddle and double recorder. Her recordings consist of solo performances of both instruments, played without overdubs. Drawing from medieval themes and early music, she improvises her own spontaneous nods toward this music, adding modern touches and various cultural references, as well as her own style and influence. As simple as the instrumentation might seem, there is a great depth to her work. As much as I’ve listened toRead Full Interview here

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No Diggin’ Here – Adam Scovell’s Ghost Story Scored by Laura Cannell

Full short film to be screened at The British Museum 16.10.16
More about the film here

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MOJO 4 Stars for Simultaneous Flight Movement


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Interview & Listen at The Quietus


Click above to open a new window and read/listen to the full interview

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Pre- Order New Album – Simultaneous Flight Movement

Pre-Order Laura Cannell’s 3rd Solo Album Simultaneous Flight Movement
OUT 21.10.16

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Wysing Polyphonic Quietus Review 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 13.00.13

“..‘deconstructed bow’ wraps around the violin and the two recorders are played simultaneously, to stunning effect.” The Quietus – Full Review Here


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