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TTW#89 – Mark Fell – Focal Music #3, #4, #5a, #5b

Cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies

Featuring Laura Cannell, Sandro Mussida and Aby Vulliamy.
A1: Focal Music #4 with Aby Vulliamy, Viola, Leeds 2015, 11:14
A2: Focal Music #3 with Laura Cannell, Overbowed Violin, Newcastle 2015, 20:41
B1: Focal Music #5a with Sandro Mussida, Piano, Karlsruhe 2016, 15:32
B2: Focal Music #5b with Sandro Mussida, Piano, Karlsruhe 2016, 15:20



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Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies and Dawn Bothwell’s Hen Ogledd: Bronze is an utterly absorbing sort of avant-folk regression channelling ancient and contemporary spirits native to the region between modern lowland Scotland and north-east England, which was known as Hen Ogledd during the early middle ages (and no doubt to this day in its areas with a shit bus service)…. Ancient Data – also featuring guest Laura Cannell on medieval double recorder” BOOMKAT Review