The Pleasures of May… An Essay from the Road

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The lovely folk over at Caught by the River recently invited me to write an essay about the month of May to add to their monthly series, The Pleasures of…

Here’s a snippet of my month:

“May begins away from my native East Anglia, waking up on the first of the month in Manchester and remembering to say white rabbit three times before engaging in the day ahead. I was staying at Islington Mill artists B&B, ahead of my performance that evening. A plump sparrow chick on its first day of flight hopped in through the door and sat squatly, unaware of the dangers of a swinging door and a hungry cat. I was glad to see a creature in this brick heavy ex-industrial landscape. Eventually it had another go and lumpily flew up and out…”

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Latest Interview ATTN: Magazine following solo BARBICAN Gig

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I heard Laura Cannell for the first time only a couple of weeks back, while I was eagerly awaiting acoustic sets by Thurston Moore and Michael Gira at the London Barbican. Cannell’s supporting set – consisting largely of solo pieces for fiddle or double recorder – knocked me sideways; a mercurial dance between historical harmony and spontaneous improvisation, weaving Early Music into a beautiful ribbon of reflex. Below, Laura and I discuss her own perspective on the Barbican performance, her discovery of the deconstructed bow technique and her conscious disregard for the idea of “wrong answers” in music.

It was wonderful to see you perform at the Barbican the other week. It always feels like a great space for very vivid and dedicated listening. How was it for you?

Thank you! I absolutely loved performing at the Barbican…. READ the rest here

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Freakier Zone Curated by Laura Cannell on BBC 6Music

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Listen Again to Laura talking to Stuart Maconie about Experimental Strings on BBC 6Music. Broadcast on 22nd May 2016.

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OSCILANZ on BBC Radio 3 – Hear & Now 19th March

OSCILANZ were recorded live in concert on 2nd February 2016 at Cafe Oto.

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BBC Maida Vale Session Laura Cannell & Rhodri Davies

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BBC RADIO 6Music Interview: Modern Medieval Music

Aired on 5th March 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 12.17.09Fiddle and recorder player Laura Cannell joins Stuart with music that connects the middle ages to the modern world. Laura’s own music explores ancient traditions with improvisation and experimental techniques…

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Saisoncape NEW LIFE interview on Resonance FM

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 12.06.54First Aired 3rd March 2016
Art Assembly presents Saisonscape: New Life. At the start of Spring, Art Assembly investigates the theme of New Life and explore ideas of growth, rebirth and renewal. In an interview with Laura Cannell, AA discusses the space where a piece of work is developed – before it is even formalised into thought… The magical space between the subconscious and the realisation of this into form and sound composition


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Laura Cannell – New 2016 Tour Dates Announced


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